118 Onslow Gardens, London, E18 1NB

Added 27th October 2014

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1. Unprofessional private landlord

By Nipper1965 - stayed here from 1st March 2012 to 4th April 2014

We rented this 2 bedroom flat from a private landlord who advertised via an estate agent, however, when we viewed flat the estate agent was not present and we had to deal with landlord directly, who did not guarentee our deposit into a tenancy deposit scheme, regardless of us asking for proof of this.
We had numerous problems throughout our tenancy ranging from a collapsed bath ,which was eventually repaired under protest,faulty cooker ..which never fully worked throughout tenancy and was never replaced.also the furniture was sub standard considering they were looking for professional tenants which we provided references to prove that we were. A Faulty boiler which broke down during winter causing no heating for last 2 months of the tenancy despite us reporting it on more than one occasion that never got fixed and eventually the landlord then deducted 50% of the repairs from our deposit which we had to wait 2 weeks to get back minus the repair costs that we never got back.Also we were unable to obtain boiler insurance as we were told that this was the responsibility of the landlord. We sent numerous emails with links to the landlord highlighting what he was doing was illegal to which he hadn't answered to this day...basically our landlord stole from us...the final straw was when we had a damp patch that started to spread up one wall in the spare bedroom which we had to rectify ourselves......
We had no choice but to move to an area which is managed by a professional management company which has the tenants values at heart unlike our previous landlord.
What is staggering is that our previous Landlord is like me a professional person who was awarded an MBE for services to the community........
This should be a lesson to anyone who is starting of on the rental ladder make sure that the last thing that you do is trust who you are handing over your deposit to as there are no legislations against these so called landlords you are just a proverbial cash cow.

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