2 Yatesbury Court, London, E5 0TZ

Added 24th October 2014

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1. Over all good experience

By TDG1982 - stayed here from 29th April 2013 to 11th October 2014

I lived here for almost 18 months in the smallest room while I was saving money.

After initial problems with the landlord, when I judged that he tried to charge me unreasonably and did not place my deposit with a protection scheme within the legally required time, eventually things settled down.

The house had a leak, but the landlord fixed it promptly and dropped round every now and then to check things were okay. I had the sense he didn't want his own house to fall apart, which was good as we were living in it.

The estate has a historic reputation but there were no major problems when i lived there. Kids used to hang around outside, and stayed into the early hours during summer, but they were never threatening or abusive (although they did once set fire to our mail in the stairwell, but we got a lock put on the outer door to stop it happening again). Sometimes some of the tenants complained about the noise of them talking all night, but it didn't really affect me as my room wasn't where they congregated.

The house itself was comfortable for the money and worked well. It's one of my better rental experiences having had some bad ones.

Despite a few things which sound worse than they really are, it was fine living here and recommend to anyone looking to rent at a reasonable price in an expensive area as being good value for money.

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