21 Tilney Gardens, London, N1 3QF

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1. 21 Tilney Gardens, N1 3QF

By londonrenter2002 - stayed here from 22nd September 2012 to 22nd March 2013

All in all a decent rental but for the price it should be! A few things to note;

The smallest bedroom (first floor) suffers from the fact that the top floor had, essentially, been 'tacked on' by a private developer many years ago and on the cheap. *Any* movement, even tip-toeing, in the bedroom above causes noise that is guaranteed to wake the occupant, even with earplugs in! Means whoever ends up in this room has many many disrupted nights.

The estate agents, Edmund Cude, are bandits, plain and simple. Upon re-negotiating our 6 month extension we were hit with an 'administration charge' of £75. FOR EACH OF US! That's a grand total of £225 for sending a couple of emails and a bit of photocopying although, when pressed, EC elected not to disclose what the charge covered.

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