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Added 20th October 2014

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1. Noisy, Cold and expensive to heat.

By SimonL - stayed here from 1st November 2011 to 1st October 2014

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The property is substantial with good rooms sizes, however being a traditional period property it is very segmented, ok if you like that kind of thing.

The property has the original sash windows and whilst the landlord claimed that these have been restored, the restoration appears little more than a lick of paint, in fact some of the window have been painted shut. The windows rattle as you move around the house and are very very draughty and let in a lot of cold during the winter month as they are only single glazed. They are also very noisy in windy weather. The windows do not block out any noise and you can clearly hear road traffic from the busy main road outside and even peoples conversations as they pass.

The adjacent pub (Queenshead) holds live music events most friday and saturday nights, therefore the combination of this and the poorly insulated windows leads to little or no sleep. Similarly we contended with the anitsocial behavior i.e shouting and singing from the pub on a regularly basis. In the summer months you may as well wheel you bed into their beer garden as you can hear every conversation clear as day, sometimes it can be 3am in the morning before patrons have left.

Whilst the property benefits from parking for two cars, the driveway was constantly being blocked (despite be double yellow lines) this resulted in many feuds and arguments with ignorant motorists. There is little or no parking control in Kessingland so these drivers will continue to do as they please.

Whilst the property was allegedly renovated around June 2009 it has clearly been done on the cheap. The sanitary fixtures and fitting are all Plumb Centre own brand (Nabis) which are of a poor quality, similar they appear to have been installed badly with taps turning the wrong way etc. The kitchen was poorly planned out with limited cupboard space and only a small space for a fridge freezer, please note that a standard fridge freezer will not fit in the gap available, we managed to find a narrow fridge freezer that did fit (the only one we could find) the model of which has now been discontinued.

The property benefits from a power shower pump due to the poor mains water pressure. The pump itself provides a good shower however as the capacity of the water tank is so small the shower will drain the hot water tank in less than five mins you then have to wait 20 mins for the tank to heat up again, this is fine if you only take short showers. The pump itself was installed by a motor mechanic and is a bit of a Heath Robinson affair. The pump is also very very noisy and will wake the whole house when in operation.

The garden is small for a property of this size and the fencing has seen better days. To the rear of the garden is a part demolished building which resembles a war zone, the landlord has been developing that for the past three years.

The patio door in the dining room leaks badly when it rains and the back door has seen better days.

The carpets in the property are of low quality and have been fitted without underlay making them more susceptible to increased wear.

The boiler is of poor quality and was not maintained during our stay at the property, the annual heating bill was in the region of £2750. The boiler was never gas safety tested.

All in all the landlord, an ex-local butcher was pretty useless, full of failed promises to fix things and basically told you what you wanted to here but never came up with the goods.

This property has been renovated on the cheap and may look cosmetically pleasing at first glance. From a functionality point of view it needs a lot of attention, since we vacated the property it is now offered for sale hopefully any would be buyers may read this first before taking the plunge, that said it does appear to be significantly overpriced for what it is.

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Reply to SimonL:
SimonL said:

PS the kitchen extractor hood doesn't work, the lounge is damp and the outside main drain that was shared with the pub constantly blocked and backed up flooding the drive with excrement.

on 24th May 2015 at 9:19am