70 Star Road, London, W14 9QE

Added 15th September 2014

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1. Dreadful Property - Even Worse Agents!

By hammersmithguy - stayed here from 15th April 2011 to 15th May 2013

Be warned, Amber and Co are the worst agents I have ever had to deal with. The property was in awful condition when we moved in and we had to put up with an almost daily leak coming from the flat upstairs, flooding into our bathroom. It took them almost a year to sort it out! Many other things broke such as the gas hob, the boiler, another leak in the living room. It took so long for them to respond to emails and telephone messages that by the time one thing was sorted out, another issue had developed. Moving out was the best thing we ever did. The neighbours either side are very strange who put their rubbish out in Tesco bags every day so that foxes rip them open at night and spread the mess into OUR garden - tried to talk to them about this and was met with a very aggressive response.

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