100 Hampton Road, Scarborough, YO12 5PX

Added 13th September 2014

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1. Landlord would not tackle damp

By keva - stayed here from 1st November 2005 to 8th November 2008

Myself and my partner experience cronic damp throughout the house which the landlord (Mr S. Gosling) would not tackle. In the end we left in frustration. Our well being was effected and our property damaged. Don't rent from this landlord.

When I left I complained about the damp and was told that I was aware of it when I moved in - that is no excuse for not dealing with it. I don't think the electric storage heaters worked either. We went away once and when we came back damp had penetrated a socket and made a contact between earth and live which luckily the RCD in the consumer unit tripped (this was confirmed by an electrician employed by the landlord). If there had been no RCD we might have received an electric shock!

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