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1. Decent house, OK landlady, idiot agents

By mistertim - stayed here from 5th April 2012 to 5th April 2014

My partner and I lived at 70 Sandringham Road for two years - in general it was a great place, the only two problems with the flat itself being that it gets rather cold in the winter (no double glazing, and sizable gaps under external doors) so you'll spend a fair bit on heating, and the perpetually damp cupboard-under-the-stairs.

We never met the landlady (a professional property speculator with a prominent internet presence - I recommend not looking her up if you live here as it's rather galling to find out exactly where all your money is going) as it was managed by the agents, so our only interactions with her where when she tried to ask for ludicrous rent increases at renewal time. She seemed to be trying her luck though - when we pointed out examples of rents for similar places in the local area that were a lot less, she backed down quickly.

The agents (Stirling Ackroyd), however, I have a number of problems with. Although they left us in peace for most of the tenancy, during the last month they continually either turned up unannounced for viewings, or failed to keep appointments that we'd specifically stayed in for. In addition, they did not allow us to see or sign a copy of the inventory on moving in, then attempted to charged us for cleaning and repairs which weren't our responsibility on moving out. Make sure you make your own inventory, complete with photos, when you move in!

Aside from that, we had a great couple of years there. It's a great location, the garden's lovely in summer (despite being a little tatty), and the upstairs neighbours are really friendly.

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