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Added 28th August 2014

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1. The worst flat - and worst agency - you'll ever find!

By rfs - stayed here from 15th June 2013 to 15th June 2014

We lived here for a year. It had a detrimental impact on every aspect of our lives.

First, the agency - Winkworth Bow - are the shadiest bunch I've ever encountered. They told us we could move in on the 13th of June and when the 12th came round, and we went in to put down our deposit, they told us it wouldn't be ready for another week. Eventually, having nowhere to go, we worked them round, and ended up moving in a day after our original move-in date. The house had not been cleaned. It was filthy. Carpets were nearly thirty years old - I know this because I pulled up a particularly horrible one and the newspaper under it was from 1987.

Throughout our stay, things went wrong with the house. The back door would blow open when the wind was high, and we couldn't get house insurance because of it. Similarly, the front door was next to a window that was rotting, and could be pushed in if anyone tried. The bath leaked through the ceiling due to drainage problems, and when we contacted the agency, nothing was done. They sent round a builder with no plumbing experience who accused us of flooding the bathroom. He replaced the bath, and still it continued to leak through the ceiling. We still got the blame. I imagine it wont be long before the ceiling falls through.

There are no bannisters on the stairs and because the stair carpet is so old, it is covered in small tears. I tripped on a loose bit of carpet and fell down the stairs causing serious damage to my leg. I was also blamed for this, though my doctor when she examined me wrote a letter to the agency about the severity of my injuries and the dangers of having no bannister.

The next door neighbour opens her back door come rain or shine and will wake you up every morning by screaming at her son that she hopes he kills himself. This unfortunately stopped us from using what could otherwise have been a lovely back garden.

At the end of the tenancy, we decided that we'd had such aggressive and unkind service from the lettings agents that we would not pay our final months rent because we didn't believe we would get our deposit back. Having paid 6 weeks deposit, this left them with £750 to play around with. They refused to give us a breakdown of any of the money - where it had gone, etc, and instead issued threats to scare us. The fact that we had replaced a 15 year old broken Argos table with a solid pine dining table seemed to be a big issue to them. They could buy an identical table to the one we replaced on ebay for a couple of pounds; so I'm really wondering where the other £748 went?

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