9 Brentford, Wellingborough, NN8 3TE

Added 14th August 2014

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1. Discrimination

By hyshee1 - stayed here from 4th November 2013 to 14th August 2014

I rent two garages from the Housing Association. A neighbour reported me for having goods in the garage. I have had to empty both the garages. One has got my twin grandsons bicycles in ( birthday 11, October) they are OK to be left. Also there were 2 water pistols and 2 bubble guns--brand new in the packaging--I had to remove them. My kitchen now has steps, paint. tools, trolley jack and sun loungers in it. Nothing is allowed in the garage except a car or bicycles. This appears to be discrimination against housing association tenants. Private Tenants use their garage for allsorts some even have their freezer in there..

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