30 Virginia Court, Virginia Water, GU25 4AF

Added 13th August 2014

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1. Severe damp & mould problems from structural defects, Landlord withhold's your deposit and attempts to bill you for redecoration.

By SurfGirlUK - stayed here from 20th December 2010 to 25th April 2014

This 2 bed flat was freshly decorated and lovely when I viewed it. Within a few months of moving in, the bathroom, guest room and bedroom were growing black mould. Three years of complaining to the landlord yielded a dehumidifier which did not help much. Lack of ventilation, no fans in the bathroom, cracked plaster, mould contaminated plaster and wallpaper a defective damp proof course and the ceiling in the attic drips condensation water through the winter, causing the ceiling lights to pop.

Severe mould and damp lead to eye infections and a painful chest infection requiring strong pain killers. Photos of the mould available to view at http://s1167.photobucket.com/user/SurfGirlUK/library/30%20Virginia%20Court.

On move out, the landlord retained my deposit and threatened to contact my employer and the SRA (I'm a solicitor) if I don't pay him £4,800 made of the most ridiculous wild claims including for me to redecorate his mouldy flat, replace a missing screw from a tap, not making the bed up in the guest room before I left and a retrospectively applied rent increase on account that he decided he should have been charging me extra for my husband to live there with me. Currently trying to get my deposit back through court route. Avoid at all costs.

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