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1. A nice sized maisonette and peaceful residential area but a slightly unsavoury end to the tenancy

By roisingall - stayed here from 7th May 2013 to 7th May 2014

- Good size with two double bedrooms and large open living room down stairs.
- Bathroom and kitchen are fine, not particularly new appliances but the flat was acceptable enough condition for the rent charge of £1,170.00 per month. If the rent has increased from this which i suspect it has then I would not deem it likely a fair price without substantial work on the flat in terms of refurbishment and new appliances eg. shower, cooker.
- We had the boiler replaced as it broke during tenancy but all issues were quickly resolved and we had no other real issues during our time at the flat.
- Safe area, very quiet and residential, bit of a walk from East Finchley station (20 min).

- Never met them. Live abroad I believe.
- It was all managed through Prickett and Ellis letting agency in Muswell Hill.

Deposit issues:
- We were not given the option to extend our tenancy after the initial 12 months. Which was fine but I never quite understood why we were not given option. I assume so agency could collect new fee for new tenants and also for the rental price to go up substantially for next tenants.
- Flat was not professionally cleaned on moving in to as we were advised this would be costly and also may mean that it would need to return to a higher standard after tenancy ended so we opted to move in as it was. However on leaving the property we were tole by the agency Prickett and Ellis we must pay for professional cleaning of the property despite cleaning it ourselves. We were also told they would only accept one particular cleaning company's use. This featured nowhere in our contract and so our enormous charge of £322.00 we had to dispute afterwards. I assume the letting agency had a deal with this cleaning company in which they were rewarded commission for referrals.
- We took things to the DPS and managed to secure a further £252.00 back from what they wished to unfairly take of our deposit. However this took 3 months and the agency showed no remorse for having forced us unfairly to use a particular cleaning agency and imposing a standard that did not reflect that of the property we originally moved in to.

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