47 Edward Road, Croydon, CR0 6DZ

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1. Awful experience at a property in Croydon

By aleciab - stayed here from 28th February 2014 to 31st July 2014

When I first viewed the property it was one of the landlords that done the viewing and I explained to her that my previous property had damp which made my 2 year old very sick and all I wanted was a nice clean home for him.....

To cut a long story short, within a month of living in the property I was experiencing power cuts every time I used the oven and I kept noticing slugs coming from under the kick boards in the kitchen, an electrician was sent who could not find any problem! After another month of living in those conditions it came to light there was damp in the kitchen which was so bad it was causing the electrics to be faulty. My landlord suggested waiting until October when I was due to go on holiday to get builders in to rip the kitchen out completely, dry it out and sort the electrics which could of damaged my things as it is an open plan lounge/diner/kitchen and there was no gaurentee my personal possessions would be safe. When I refused the landlords simply said I was not being cooperative and said I would need to move.

Within 5 days of moving these rogue landlords have put the property straight back on the market for a higher amount and have not done any of the work. Bearing in mind I spent the past 2 months eating take away because the oven knocks out the power and once the landlords were aware of the fault they then refused to pay for anymore call out charges for an electrician and had the cheek to get annoyed with me for contacting their electrician one night when I was left with no power at 9pm with my 2 year old and the landlord did not answer the phone.

Worst experience of my life!

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