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1. 12 Cedar Heights

By DG - stayed here from 20th August 2013 to 27th May 2014

This 5-bedroom house is in a great location if you have children at the German school, and it has a fantastic garden.

However, previous tenants warned us about the state of the house and the landlord, but since we were pressed for time and needed a short rental we committed to a 9 months contract.

The house had little ventilation and smelled mouldy. Windows had to be kept opened most of the time to combat the smell. The gas & electricity bill was extortionate. The roof leaked below the main storage cupboard in the 5th bedroom and filled buckets of water over a period of 3 months. The landlord commissioned an unreliable repair job and suggested to keep the bucket in the cupboard. He also was quick to point out that he was not responsible for any damage to our possessions.

The radiator valves on the top floor were old and only adjustable with a spanner. One leaked badly while we were there, and the landlord charged us for the repair of the already crusty carpet.

Most fittings in the bathrooms and the kitchen were not of the best quality …. be aware, taps come off in your hand and it could be your fault.

The varnished pine floor in the living room and kitchen easily scratched and dented and we had to make good.

The BT sockets in all bedrooms were dead. The telephone line had a constant noise in it. The 2 satellite dishes (one is analogue) were unusable. Abandoned cables hung all over the roof and into the garden.

The garage is freezing cold in winter and not usable as a utility room. Also, the garage door mechanism was faulty.

Our stay there was not a pleasant experience. Luckily we managed to get most of our deposit back, thanks to the help from our team of builders.

Happy to have escaped so lightly.

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