Annexe, Newell House, Windsor, SL4 4SE

Added 3rd August 2014

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1. cold and damp

By richmond88 - stayed here from 15th September 2010 to 15th July 2014

This property is particularly appealing from the roadside and set in a tranquil setting. It is, however, excessively cold and while attempts to warm the place came they never proved wholly successful. As a mature student it was the perfect place to study in the Summer but boy was it cold and challenging in the Winter.

Then came the damp: the entire back wall to the building was wet. The pointing had not been taken care of for years; the Landlord was obstinate about it and when I informed him of plans to move on, he chose to ignore me and not speak to me. The Agent was wholly unprofessional, attempting to turn the tables; all she cared about was ingratiating herself with the Landlord for business if not personal purposes I'm sure. A bitter sweet experience and one that people should know about before they commit. Landlords should recognise and appreciate good tenants when they see them; agents, as in this case, should learn good manners and raise if not adhere to professional standards.

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