Flat 34, London, W3 8PN

Added 15th July 2014

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1. Rogue Landlord

By wh - stayed here from 20th June 2013 to 15th July 2014

This flat was fantastic and we wanted to stay their longer. Unfortunately it was sold whilst we still lived there to a man who seems to own a large number of properties in the block. We signed a new contract under duress and fear of being made homeless but soon realised we could not afford the additional £1000 he demanded for an extra deposit. He verbally told us we could pay him in futue with an additional charge for late payment. Later on he sent an email demanding the extra £1000 immediately and that he would be charging us £25 a day for every day not paid. We told him this would not be possible and he threatened to take us to a small claims court to obtain this money and our existing £1000 deposit held by a third party. He then sent us an eviction notice.

Dealing with this unscrupulous aspiring property tycoon has been exhausting, he regularly bombarded us with emails of a trivial nature and harrassed us with constant threats of daily £25 charges.

He also wishes to do monthly LLPs - Landlord Periodicals - the first of these that we allowed before putting our foot down was very daunting and we scrubbed the flat until it was cleaner when when we moved in. He came inand speaking in an extremely longwinded and timewasting way proceeded to snoop through our personal belongings. He refused to discuss anything and insisted we wait for his report. His report, a page long, stressed that we were not allowed to store towells in our airing cupboard and that he had only temporarilary allowed us to do so. He also told us that we are not allowed an Epping and Ongar Railway fridge magnet on our fridge. He also implied that he wished to replace our perfectly working boiler suggesting that a smaller older one would be suitable and allow him to use it in another of his many flats. His LLP1 took over an hour and was followed up by a barrage of long, trivial and strangeley worded emails and threats of £25 charges for not responding to them.

An utterly dispiriting experience and unnecessary process of making us homeless. We came very close to reporting him to the Police for extortion. But as many readers on this site will no, the law permits and encourages these tyrannical, morrally bankrupt buy-to-let property swindlers and the government makes it very easy for them to make obscene profits at the expense of hardworkingcouples like ourselves.

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