29 Windsor Road, Cambridge, CB4 3JJ

Added 8th July 2014

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1. Badly maintained house and horrible agents

By glitter - stayed here from 20th September 2010 to 8th July 2011

Problems encountered during my tenancy: wasp infestation noticed in the first week, damp and mould started appearing by week two (had obviously been painted over for the viewings), broken heating which forced us to stay elsewhere as the temperature indoors reached below zero at times, a burst pipe and subsequent flood caused by the broken heating that left two rooms unusable for 3 months. I could go on. Agents are threatening, rude and unhelpful. The above problems took weeks to months and hundreds of calls and emails for the agents to act. They tried their hardest to find a way of blaming us for any problem and make us pay for repairs, even though it was literally impossible for us to have caused these issues and the house was blatantly poorly maintained. They also charge extortionate fees even by letting agent standards. Avoid this property and Russell's Lettings.

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