Flat 2-6, London, SW1V 2BG

Added 29th June 2014

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1. Do not trust these landlords! (Flat 6, 83 Belgrave Rd)

By matt- - stayed here from 1st November 2008 to 31st December 2011

This review relates to Flat 6, 83 Belgrave Road (1 bed top floor flat).

This is a nice flat, with a great roof terrace - and untrustworthy landlords who will steal your money! When my flatmate and I moved out, the landlord (Paul Harris - who operates with his wife Sasha) refused to repay our deposit with no justification (they didn't even offer a reason, they just didn't pay us). It was then that we discovered that they had also - illegally - failed to protect our deposit with one of the schemes, so there was no way to get it back. We took them to court, and got a County Court Judgement - which Paul has refused to pay, two years on. They've also evaded attempts to enforce collection - so far, anyway (we'll get our money back in the end!). I know of several other people to whom these two owe money. Do not trust them. Avoid!

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