Flat 1, London, N4 2XX

Added 28th June 2014

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1. Very dodgy landlords in red light zone

By neil - stayed here from 28th June 2005 to 28th June 2008

Dodgy landlord named Tankaria. Refused to pay back deposit and bounced cheques on me. Took him to small claims and won by default. He used to own a lot of properties in the block.

Flats are great with superb sound insulation. However they get incredibly hot in the summer.

Brownswood Road is a red light zone with prostitutes plying their trade, pimps patrolling their patch and dealers selling crack and heroin. The police were superb in trying to tackle the problems. Generally not an issue but pimps could be violent and threaten residents. It was particularly unpleasant for young families - people having sex on car bonnets round the back of the block etc. This was 2005/8 so things may have improved. The area is not unsafe but for women walking back at night, I don't recommend this street.

Block is mixed rental and housing for key workers. People care about living there.

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