130 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4SA

Added 28th June 2014

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1. sound insulation - none

By neil - stayed here from 27th January 2010 to 28th November 2012

Nice flat managed by Grainger PLC and let via Angel Lettings in Holborn (who are excellent). Grainger are incredibly professional, the nations biggest landlords and I'd recommend them as housing providers. For example, if something needed repairing they'd send out someone within 24 hours. They fixed a couple of issues for me on moving in too and during the tenancy there were often maintenance people doing odd jobs around the place. Grainger always gave us plenty of notice (in writing ) of any access to the property.

Alas they bought a large portfolio of properties in the city / shoreditch from a greek-cypriot guy who did them all up on the cheap. The sound insulation in tabernacle street in my bedroom was so bad I could hear my neighbour's kettle boil. I coped with it for as long as possible but had to move out in the end.

Prior to that I rented from Grainger in Eagle Wharf Road and had a nice flat but no privacy. A total nightmare at weekends when certain C4 presenters decided to have parties (said person was not renewed when their lease came up).

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