1 Uplands Court, Chesham, HP5 3DZ

Added 27th June 2014

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1. Serious Damp and Mould

By philliperry77 - stayed here from 28th July 2011 to 4th August 2012

This flat had damp and mould problems from day 1. By the end of the year we stayed there almost everything we owned was ruin by mould. When we complained to the landlord at the beginning she said it was a problem she was aware of. She called it ‘cold wall syndrome’, and it was caused by the walls having no insulation and the only answer was to keep windows open all the time. Not easy when you’re on the ground floor and have a 6 month old baby. When we finally left she tried to charge us for the damage caused to walls, curtains and carpets by the mould, despite admitting at the beginning that it was an existing problem. We took it to a dispute, but still ended up paying over £200. After we left we noticed she had new windows put in with vents built in, but they were still dripping with condensation.

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