38 Mount Street, Harrogate, HG2 8DQ

Added 19th June 2014

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1. Damp and sluggy

By Vicky - stayed here from 5th November 2012 to 4th October 2013

We rented the house for just less than a year after selling our old place while we looked for somewhere new to buy. It was probably the best one available for the price at the time, but there were hidden problems.
There was a significant - and increasing - problem with damp, particularly on the walls in the front rooms (ground and first floors). As well as black marks constantly needing to be wiped away, the paintwork and plaster began crumbling and no matter what we did, it just got worse. Our curtains and other fabric were also getting mouldy because of the damp. We reported this to the landlord frequently and he sent someone out to look at it. The contractor said he would be recommending some work to it, but it was never done, and the house was let out again soon after we left so I can't imagine they did anything.
There was also an ongoing battle with slugs inside the house. There were trails across the carpets every morning, as well as in the kitchen (including on the units) which was very unpleasant.
Other than that, the house was OK to live in, It's in a very good area for public transport, access to town, local shops and so on, so this bumped the price up quite a lot. Landlords seem to be able to get away with charging quite a lot for houses in this area, even though they are known for problems with damp. We paid more in monthly rental for this two bedroom house than we do in mortgage for our three bedroom house, which has a garden and is in a lovely area (catchment for Harrogate's most popular school).

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