Flat 6, London, SE19 3SW

Added 11th March 2014

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1. A great place, but quiet.

By Elliot - stayed here from 11th November 2010 to 20th January 2013

I really loved this flat. I lived there on my own for almost two years after all. The landlord was sound, and he left me alone unless it was an 'emergency'. I think that's always welcome, isn't it. You don't want inspections and visits and all of that cobblers.

It's a hip place, too. Huge ceilings and beams and real character.

If there's any downside it's that it's a one bedroomed place in a quiet area that's much better suited for families, even with the cafes and bars you'll find in SE19 these days. It may leave you craving something more exciting.

It could sometimes be a pain commuting, too, as to get from Gypsy Hill to Farringdon (the nearest station, really, and where I worked respectively) you need Southern Trains and First Capital Connect to align their timetables. They frequently didn't - and I'd often be stuck at Tulse HIll waiting for a connection. But these are quibbles - this is London after all, and you'll always get stuff like that.

Put simply; I'd recommend it.

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