Mayfair Apartments, Southsea, PO5 2DF

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1. Whole wall covered in mold and leaking toilet water into the flat

By mark - stayed here from 1st May 2008 to 1st May 2009

Flat 1 2a Victoria road south is one of the worst places I have ever rented, it is wholly managed by Bernards.

I was young at the time and wasn't aware of my full rights

During winter one entire wall in the bedroom went black with mold meaning I couldn't sleep in the room and had to move my bed to the living room.

At one point toilet water leaked in through the roof from the upstairs flat on my girlfriends head as she slept. It then turned into a deluge. When I complained to Bernards they said they couldnt fix it until they had written to the tenant upstairs to access his property. I said it is surely classed as emergency and to let themselves in which they did. They claimed to have fixed it when it happened again. They seem to use one handy man to service their properties rather than a professional. All probably to keep costs low and rent income high!

I consequently gave them my notice and moved out within a month. I only claimed back two weeks loss of enjoyment of the property to which they repaid part of it but i was never sure as they just sent me a cheque for an odd amount and a blank compliment slip.

Looking back I was unsure of my rights and I would have probably sued them and claimed back a lot more. You live and learn. The council were not that helpful at that point and didnt tell me i could have the property assessed by them.

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