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1. Watch out for the mice, hidden fees and rent increases

By mark - stayed here from 1st May 2009 to 1st May 2014

Myself and partner lived at Flat 30 Dartmouth Mews for four years, generally it was ok. It was fully managed by Dack who generally responded quickly to our requests to fix things but often needed a follow up call to ensure things got done.

Fees: they offered us two for one on references but stung us with a hidden admin fee of about £125
there is usually a £50 a fee each year (but this is often waived) and a £50 check out fee. Why they need all of these fees to push some paper around is beyond me. Just another rip off tenants have to suffer.

Rent: they increased our rent several times over the four years to the point it became well over market value for a small two bedroom flat. The flat went from £575 to £650 pcm. We stated it was too much but the landlord refused to budge. We since left and they advertised it at £650 for two months and then dropped it down to £595! Loyalty doesn't pay and it is best to move on after 3-4 years or you will pay well over the odds.

Mice: the property does have a mouse problem which is hampered by the fact the building is managed by Cosgroves. This meant that we often got stuck in the middle whilst the two argued about who was responsible for sorting the problem out. Cosgroves seem unwilling to go to the expense of treating the whole building and after multiple treatments in our flat were were unsuccessful a handy man turned up and blocked as many of the holes as he could. The problem did dissipate a little but upon moving out we found plenty of fresh droppings underneath the units in the kitchen.

Not to bad overall as southsea is pleasant enough, however in the last four years more and more students have moved into the area making it a little noisy at times.

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