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Added 11th June 2014

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1. Cockroach infestation and running water problems

By TDG1982 - stayed here from 14th July 2011 to 15th November 2012

Throughout my 16 months in this place there were cockroaches all around the kitchen, and it was so so torridly hot in the kitchen (I broke sweat regularly) it encouraged further problems with insects laying eggs. My flatmate had been there for ten years and he'd seen no change the whole time. Throughout the whole 16 months, nothing was done by the housing association to make improvements. The carpets were also filthy.

The worst thing though was being without running water for a total of 14 days in the middle of summer due to burst pipes. We were washing in bottled water and living in our own sewage (dirty dishes, unflushable toilets) for what seemed like forever while they glued the pipes up only for them to burst again within a few hours rather than pay for replacements. Each day they left notes assuring us it would be fixed by the next day, with a pack of bottled water if we were lucky. Then I'd arrive home from work to find the taps still weren't running. The compensation they offered us was derisory. It was one of the most appalling renting experiences I've ever had and I left soon afterwards fully expecting further problems.

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