57A-57C Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0NS

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1. Flat 57b. Terrible damp and leaks, unresponsive landlord

By TDG1982 - stayed here from 1st November 2012 to 11th May 2013

I shared a flat on the 2nd floor at this property and it turned into a nightmare for us.

Within a few weeks of moving in we found that one of the bedroom walls was leaking and a massive bubble appeared which made the room uninhabitable damp. To top that the ventilation was terrible and spores appeared up the walls unless we kept windows open in the winter.

The landlord, who lived beneath, told us lies about the leak, trying to blame us for not opening the window. However the guy above showed us where the leak was coming from and said the landlord knew about it. This was later corroborated by a specialist investigating the damp who recalled visiting for similar reasons before we moved in.

5 months later work began to fix the leak after a series of poor excuses for the delays and we'd withheld rent to force the landlord into action. The flat was a work site for a couple of weeks. We returned to find that we suspected the leak had been painted over in a waterproof paint, as the weather had changed, and we weren't prepared to wait until winter to test it.

The landlord offered no compensation for our inconvenience and offered us to leave after 6 months rather than the 12 months we'd signed for. Why would he do that? So that he could readvertise and start off with new unsuspecting tenants, and then pretend it was a new problem when it started to leak again. He might have raised the rent for the new tenants too. Meanwhile we were left with moving costs and all the stress, inconvenience and sense of injustice.

Looking back we should have taken landlord and agency to court but we made the mistake of going to the tenancy deposit scheme, which, we find under out, only operates in tenants' interests if the landlord has made unfair charges, but doesn't make judgements on withheld rent, even if it's fairly withheld. After you've raised a dispute with the deposit scheme, you can't take the matter to court, so I read. It made us sick that someone could get away away with charging us £1300 per month for something which was not suitable for human habitation, and then made money by leaving us with no option but to leave.

I also remember a gas man visiting to investigate a smell and immediately switching off the supply because there had been an unsafe leak we'd not known about. This meant we spent a freezing cold night with no heat...

I'd strongly advise against anyone moving in here.

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