Flat 1-3, London, W1W 6YP

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1. Excellent location, compact flat

By Kat_E - stayed here from 22nd August 2008 to 20th August 2009

I stayed at Flat 1, 158 New Cavendish Street for a year in 2008, during university. In order to save some money, we used the living room as an extra bedroom, giving us 5 in total (with the landlord's permission, of course). The flat was fine for what we needed - the location was excellent, there are so many fantastic bars and restaurants nearby, and it's a stone's throw from Goodge St and Warren St, and a 10 min walk from Oxford Circus.

Looking back, the main problem with the flat is the size - the bedrooms are all quite small, the corridor pretty narrow and the kitchen and bathroom are quite tiny too. We didn't have many issues when living there - boiler troubles a couple of times (which were relatively quickly resolved) and we got locked out a couple of times due to a temperamental lock. One other slight issue is that due to the basement being used as a store/ office for a clothes merchant, we found that the front door was left open on a regular basis (as they were getting deliveries etc) and therefore we felt that this posed a slight security risk and we'd always have to make sure that our door was locked.

All in all, I really enjoyed living in this flat, but it's not for you if you need lots of space.

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