46A Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DT

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1. Nice flat, crooked landlord

By herbiemcw - stayed here from 2nd May 2012 to 2nd May 2013

Rented this flat for a year, it's a great flat right near King's Cross at the bottom of Cally Road. Loved living here and had no problems until the last month or two.

I had rented via an agent, with whom I had agreed via email to renew the tenancy for another year two months before the termination date. I heard nothing until just over a month before the end of the tenancy, when I received an email from a new individual saying he was now my landlord, having bought the flat from the previous landlord.

However, an email exchange with the landlord (in which I explicitly asked about rent) indicated that he planned to honour my renewal agreement with the previous landlord which would see the contract renewed for a year with no changes and no increased rent.

However, with just over two weeks to go and just as we were about to agree a new contract, he informed me the rent would be increasing (by a fairly substantial amount). I was not impressed by this so told him given the new circumstances I had changed my mind and would not be renewing.

The landlord then went through a lengthy process of trying to charge an extra two weeks' rent, saying I had not given one month's notice, despite his failure to give me a month's notice of the change in terms, as required of him in the contract. He proceeded to behave in a very threatening manner towards me in order to try and get the extra rent, despite not having a leg to stand on legally (having confirmed this with several property solicitor acquaintances).

I stood firm and he eventually backed down and repaid my deposit in full, suggesting he had been trying his luck all along - if I had been less willing to stand up to his tactics and decided the hassle wasn't worth it, this man would have extorted a substantial amount of money from me.

Not recommended - shame, it's a nice flat in a great location.

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