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1. Unresponsive and dishonest

By RavenC - stayed here from 15th December 2012 to 9th January 2014

Really informal arrangement when we moved in, whereby incoming tenants were asked by the landlord to pay their deposit to the outgoing tenants. Tenancy agreement was 'verbal'. Generally very slow to respond to any requests for maintenance, including serious damp and mould in all 3 bedrooms, broken kitchen tap, and malfunctioning boiler. Usually required multiple calls and texts to get anyone to come and look, and then no action was guaranteed.
A year into the tenancy, we were called to the landlord's office and offered two options: live through the works whilst they turned the living room into a fourth bedroom, and pay an additional £150 each per month for the privilege, or take 2 months notice to leave.
We took the notice, and confirmed at this point (and later in writing) that we would be refunded our deposit. After weeks of back and forth, they changed their mind, only agreeing to pay a portion of the deposit. Although amounting to each of the tenants being between £100-200 out of pocket, we couldn't face taking it to small claims court to get the rest. Word to the wise: always get your details of your deposit amount and protection service in writing from your landlord!
The landlord owns a large number of properties in the area, and seems to be undertaking works in lots of them to add extra bedrooms and increase rent. Their communication skills are terrible, so get everything in writing, if you do have to rent from them.
Probably not the worst out there, but worth avoiding if you have other options.

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