Flat 4-6, Manchester, M32 9AN

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1. Flats require attention, as does the Landlady

By an7ech - stayed here from 25th March 2011 to 27th March 2013

The flats are inside a Victorian detached house situated in well-kept grounds.
Upon viewing the flat we were told that the landlady ran her business from the front of the building in a old out building which was renovated. We were not however told that she held social parties (for her business) in the large garden of the flats for many people. This was an issue as although the parties took place around 2-3 times a year we would return home to find 20+ people partying in what we were led to believe was a private garden for tenants only.

The Flat: The flat itself was spacious & a reasonable price. We found it however to be very cold and the outdated central heating cost a lot to run and did very little. Furthermore we had numerous leaks from the flat above whilst living there and our electric shower broke twice. All issues were fixed quickly via the letting agent as the landlady preferred to go through them. The handyman was a friend of the landlady's who undertook all works at the building. Parking at the building was an issue as although our contract stated it came with a parking space we found that the landlady's employees took-up many spaces and one shouted at my partner once, for parking there.

Why we left: We received a note from the Landlady stating our front door would be left open for it to be painted whilst we were at work! We called the letting agency & said this wasn't acceptable as a theft could occur. They said they would ensure it was not left open and it was, we returned home to an open flat door!
Overall we would not recommend this flat or the building to anyone & we believe the Landlady requires some knowledge regarding letting properties.

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