14B St. Johns Vale, London, SE8 4EW

Added 22nd May 2014

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1. A typical student flat - fine *if* you are a student.

By tennantfightback - stayed here from 11th April 2011 to 10th April 2013

A typical student flat. Pretty dirty, poorly maintained and cheap furniture; problem is, we weren't students.

We had no end of problems with this flat and it largely fell on us to make major repairs - including a broken lock. While not the landlords fault Network Rail's works on the line next to the property caused it to collapse, with huge cracks appearing in our last few months. This was not even close to being resolved by the time we left. The land lady had always been friendly but was clearly out of her depth in the rental business having no idea of her responsibilities. Bizarrely she tried to charge us over £1000 to redecorate when we moved - completely unaware that everything she tried to charge to us was general wear and tear - three emails later and the amount had dropped to £100 - it's amazing what some landlords will try and get away with!

With a lot of remedial work this property could be quite nice. It is in a lovely area and neighbours were fantastic. Land lady was friendly but needed training - surely government should consider legislating to ensure landlords are properly licensed?

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