182A Lewisham Way, London, SE4 1UU

Added 22nd May 2014

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1. Wooden floors, beautiful garden - warm in winder cool in the summer. Loved it.

By tennantfightback - stayed here from 10th September 2008 to 9th April 2011

Really enjoyed my time here. The flat was lovely - the basement of a Edwardian town house. The entire flat has wooden floorboards and wooden paneling creating a cosy and classy feel. I've never stayed in such a well maintained, nicely decorated property before or since. The agents - Nella's - were superb! A very friendly family business - would always be around in minutes with repairs. I'd recommend them and any of their properties in an instant. We did have a issue with damp in the kitchen and back bedroom - although this was always dealt with promptly it was a recurring problem. The area - Lewisham Way is up and coming - some lovely parks near by - check out Hilly Fields. The garden conservation Area as well - only place in London I have seen a stage beetle!

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