121 George Lane, London, SE13 6HP

Added 22nd May 2014

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1. Friendly land-lady, great property agents AWFUL neighbours!

By tennantfightback - stayed here from 28th September 2013 to 28th March 2014

This was a nice flat, reasonably well decorated with some nice (if aging) features - a SMEG fridge for example. I loved the kitchen - beautiful grey flagstones and some red touches. We did have a few problems - the kitchen door never shut properly and it was difficult to arrange its repair. I think it was caused by damp.

The biggest problems were the neighbours. This is a ground floor flat and those living above were *completely* inconsiderate of the fact that the noise they made in their living room transferred directly into our bedroom. They regularly return home in the small hours of the morning and stamp around on their wooden floors in heels. It was horrible and really ruined our stay; we broke our contract just to get away. The other neighbour was equally bad - but passive aggressive. If you're thinking of moving here remember - you *don't* have access to the garden - it's his, every part of it. Don't even think of sitting on the grass.

We rented this property through Leaders. They were fantastic - really sympathetic of the issues we had. Would recommend the agent - and the property - but make sure the neighbouring flats are empty first!

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