18 Madeley Road, London, W5 2LH

Added 10th March 2014

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1. Very responsive landlords

By Kate Flannery - stayed here from 6th January 2012 to 10th March 2014

We have lived at Flat 1, 18 Madeley Road for the past three years and the landlords have been fantastic.

Any time we have had a problem, they have sorted it out within the week, (depending on how urgent the problem), and have always kept in contact to let us know when they are coming, who is coming and what any next steps might be.

They have also been open to our ideas, installing a new ventilation system to help fend off damp as an example, and have been fair and consistent with their responses to our requests.

Overall, I think if you keep the dialogue open with Barry and Carolyn, i.e. let them know that the flat is ok, what might need changing, etc., they are very good with you.

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