3 Belvedere Villas, Bath, BA1 5HS

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1. Flat 2, 3 Belvedere Villas: Wonderful property and brilliant landlord

By tigerlily - stayed here from 19th May 2011 to 21st July 2012

We really wanted to continue living here but had to move after graduating as Bath had become too expensive for us. We rented privately without a letting agent so had a lot of contact with the landlord himself. He was lovely, very polite and couldn't do enough for us. The rent was cheaper than it should have been as a mistake was made on the contract but he was happy to leave it as such for the duration of our tenancy. When we moved in some flowers and a bottle of champagne were waiting for us. He expressed his plans to install a dishwasher when we moved in, but we said that we'd prefer a small freezer instead and he was more than happy to provide us with one. The only issue we ever had was that a light fixture broke and we couldn't reach it due to the high ceilings. The landlord came around the next day and fixed it himself.

The flat itself is small but it doesn't feel that way with the high ceilings and large windows. It's converted from a large terraced Georgian property and is 2 minutes walk to the centre. It has plenty of light and the kitchen/dining room is a really good size. The living room doubles up as the bedroom, but as the bed is raised up on a platform it still feels very separate. This also gives the added bonus of plenty of storage space underneath. At the time we lived there the sofa was also a pull out bed which was really handy for when friends or family came to stay. We had no issues with damp or mould while we were there, as the flat is very well ventilated. In the winter it could be a tad chilly due to the large Georgian windows but it was never uncomfortably cold. There were plenty of radiators and outlets in each room.

The neighbours were fine - downstairs had a dog but we rarely heard her barking. The students upstairs were a little noisy as they were studying fashion at Sion Hill and their sewing machines would make quite a bit of noise, but it was never that bad. They have moved out now, anyway! The fire department was called out a couple of times by the house next door while we were there, as one of the tenants apparently had a habit of falling asleep whilst cooking. This was never an issue for us aside from being woken by sirens. I believe that person has also moved out since.

The back of the flat looked out onto a park and the front looked out onto Lansdown Road. In the summer you can open the sash windows really wide and let a breeze come through the flat - it really was the best student accommodation we could have hoped for! This flat would suit any young single person or a couple who wants to be near the centre. The landlord is fair and friendly. I'd definitely recommend.

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