90 Smithwood Close, London, SW19 6JH

Added 20th May 2014

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1. Lovely flat and landlord

By Milly85 - stayed here from 1st October 2012 to 15th July 2013

I lived at this flat for nearly a year . I liked living in that flat I loved the location as well . It was very safe and very quiet area . The landlord was very friendly and helpful . I highly recommending this this place.

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2. The Best private landlord

By MITCHT10 - stayed here from 20th October 2009 to 20th June 2010

Landlord is Neil, since migrating to England Neil was our first private landlord and we had an amazing experience with him, he is honest, friendly, very helpful and caring, he gave us opportunity to help furnish the property to accommodate our needs. We have moved several times after and have never found another landlord like him but we find ourselves talking about him because of his best qualities. I am so pleased for this website because Neil is definitely assessed as a very good, fair and honest Landlord and we wish him the very best in life and nice tenants in the future. Just one more thing He's no walk over either and he does not deserve dodgy tenants.

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