Flat 123, London, SE1 8YP

Added 19th May 2014

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1. Very bad experience

By EVynckier - stayed here from 5th July 2013 to 4th November 2013

The landlord was unwilling to do any maintenance at all to the flat. Light fittings were broken (not just the bulbs), household equipment was broken, carpets were damaged, one bathroom had an insect herd, the mattresses were filthy and beyond use, kitchen had leaky sinks. Essentially anything that could not be spotted on a first visit was broken, dirty, or beyond use.

I moved out early and am disputing final rent payments through the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

This landlord gives a bad flat to a tenant and then tries to claim back upon exit, what was broken to begin with. It is never a good time to raise issues with him, and he doesn't allow the real estate agent to initiate urgent maintenance either. Not a professional landlord at all.

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