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Added 19th May 2014

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1. Studio 38 - Nice room / a lot of building works / agency are best avoided

By JayB - stayed here from 30th May 2013 to 19th May 2014

I was attracted to the studio because it was nicely decorated and in a good location. I was paying £715 PCM which included all bills except the internet. When you put it all together, it's not a bad deal. My room is quite nice, with a balcony and a huge sash window. I put a loftbed in here because otherwise there would literally be no space for anything other than a bed.

However I would be wary of moving in here any time soon; they are still renovating the building and at least three or four days a month there is drilling, someone in the hallway repairing something, towels on the stairs, or, worse, a random group of men knocking at the door asking to fix something. The general manager, while polite, basically has no regard whatsoever for the privacy of the tenants. A large part of the reason I am leaving is because I can't stand the noise and constant interruptions.

Towards the end of the tenancy, they came and suddenly made it impossible to open the window (despite the fact that I have loads of belongings on the balcony). It's a really tiny flat with a huge window, so it gets really muggy. Obviously took the lock off.

You should also be wary of the fact that there is no doorbell or intercom system, no mailbox and no keys (only code locks). Anyone could break down the door to one of the flats very easily, and I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. The general manager comes and gives you your mail which means packages are a pain. I know at least one tenant lost his mail because the delivery people get confused when they come.

The agency, Kings Accommodation, are best avoided. They had an exorbitant fee at the start of £360 which I paid solely because I had a partner who could split with me and because I really, really needed to move somewhere. A few weeks ago they tried to charge another £90 for me to leave the property but I pointed out that it was a hidden fee and this was made illegal in November 2013. When they contacted me about the end of the initial contract, they were very underhanded about trying to make me think I had to sign up for another year. Their ratings are not very good.

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