U 14 158 Napier St, Essendon, 3040

Added 10th March 2014

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1. Meh. Boring and expensive.

By Lachlan Musicman - stayed here from 11th June 2013 to 10th March 2014

The Rental Agent is lovely, though powerless. Getting things done is largely difficult - I've had to mention the law on occasion to get things done - the landlord is pretty cheap, will do it themselves and/or will point at the body corporate as the responsible party.

The flat itself is fine, although there is no extraction fan in the small kitchen, and the positioning of the bathroom is strange - there's really no way to position your bed so that you aren't staring straight into the bathroom.

It's a product of the age (60s or 70s I'd say) - there aren't enough power points for the contemporary human, the carpet and lino is functional, if worn and brown. There is a heater, although I've not really used it. A washing machine is provided, but no drier, although there is a laundromat about a 5 minute bike ride.

No gas, and no water bill. (I didn't ask why - I presume bc of the shared laundry).

The rent is probably 20% too high, given the area is and how far it is from the CBD. Essendon is an ok suburb, but it's deeply boring - lots of hair dressers and real estate agents.

Suitable for a single or a very intimate couple.

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