26 Hernes Road, Oxford, OX2 7PU

Added 18th May 2014

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1. Good Property, Excellent Agents, Couldn't Recommend More Highly

By S1001 - stayed here from 1st September 2011 to 1st July 2012

Out of 4 rental properties since I left home 5 years ago this was the one where I had least issues (in fact I genuinely can't think of any issues I had with renting this property). I couldn't recommend it (or Finder Keepers in general) more highly if you are looking to rent in Oxford.
The property is lovely (I especially like the big window at the back), it's a fairly quiet street, on one side (the attached side) is two flats one of which was always empty and the other very quiet, on the other side (not attached) a perfectly friendly retired lady. There's an abandoned house at the end of the road (you'll walk past it on your way to the bus stop) which I think had squatters in it when I was living here (my wife saw people entering it once or twice in the year we lived there) but I never had any issues with it. It may be gone/being rebuilt by now but it's obvious to see if it is still there, look around where the road forks as you head towards the main road, on the opposite side to this house.
I never had any contact with the landlords (I think they are out of the country) but the property was managed by Finders Keepers who were excellent. Everything was working and in good condition when we moved in and where it wasn't was fixed promptly. Service was as polite while we were living there as it had been when we were looking for a place to rent. Truly excellent agents!
When it was time to end the tenancy they were clear on the process and recommended local cleaners etc. I used their recommended cleaners and gardeners who were deducted from the deposit at a price pre-agreed before the end of the tenancy; this was really convenient and perfectly reasonable to do as I was responsible for cleaning the property and sorting the garden both of which had fallen a little behind in my last few busy months in Oxford. Because I was moving out of Oxford I was unable to attend the check out inspection but the report was perfectly accurate and there were no deductions other than they ones pre-agreed I mention above. Because I had chosen from their recommended people they said if there were any issues with garden or cleaning they would go straight to the people we had used. This made the whole thing incredibly easy and straight forward, Finders Keepers went beyond what I expected to provide an excellent service.

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