354/1 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2RQ

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1. 4 bed student flat, awful

By Lirva_May - stayed here from 18th July 2010 to 18th July 2011

this is the worst student flat ive ever had, or any of my friends have had.
the biggest problem was the size and awkward shape of the rooms, only one of the four being a normal size or shape. the rest being elongated, and very small, so that in two of them the bed would not fit width ways across the room and in the third it only just fitted in. this is mostly due to the flat originally having far fewer rooms and has been sub divided into smaller rooms.
my bed broke beyond repair within a week of moving in, and it took 2 weeks for a replacement to arrive. they never took the old bed away, suggesting i should pay the council out my own pocket to have it removed. we left it in the hall cupboard, as far as i know, its still there.
the shower is week, and doesnt heat up enough, there is an ongoing battle with black mold.
there is a strong smell of damp through out. particularly in the cupboard with the old boiler in. although the front windows were double glazed, no curtains were provided, only broken blinds that didnt stay up, so since there was a street lamp right outside my window, i had to pin a blanket up so i could sleep.
The kitchen is small, but functional. it is by far the nicest room, and would probably serve a single person or couple well, as is its far too small for 4 adults to share. it is particularly short of work top space, though the fridge is too small it works well, and the dishwasher is good.
one of my biggest concerns was with the electrics, which repeatedly blew fuses, and some lights didnt work at all, even when the bulbs were changed. one light was dangerously hanging off the wall. i complained, but nothing was ever done to fix it.
the living room is very grubby, the sofa, table and chairs are all badly damaged. it desperately needs a good lick of paint, and replacements for the broken furniture. the balcony out back was filthy when we got it, and full of broken junk.
the worst thing is the rent. it was £1300 pcm at the time, more than what friends were paying for nicer flats at the time. i dont think anyone who rents it ever stays more than a year. the letting agency was consistently rude when we complained, and took almost our entire deposit, (though that was before the new deposit scheme) and the fee's for arranging the letting were huge.
on the whole there are far better properties available for less money. avoid this one, unless you're desperate.

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