5 Redwood Way, Southampton, SO16 3PU

Added 18th May 2014

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1. Spacious 2 bed flat in leafy Bassett

By treacleslippers - stayed here from 4th May 2010 to 28th May 2011

This rental looks like a basic two-up, two-down house, but is in fact ground floor flat with it's own front door. The flat above is the same layout and was owner-occupied at the time we were there.

The flat comprises 2 very good sized bedrooms, a bathroom, large kitchen and large living room. Double glazing was put in on our arrival in 2010. Unfortunately, this caused excessive growth of black mould, which hopefully has been dealt with since. The landlord is very nice and accommodating and will deal with any issues directly.

Our reason for leaving was the upstairs neighbour and our experiences in this respect have affected our rating. Noise was a considerable issue, as was his being a fantasist with a well-known temper and tendency to imbibe. Our relationship with him concluded on moving out day with a 999 call that led to one of us having a trip to hospital and him having a trip to the local magistrates court, which is on public record.

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