Flat 6, Bournemouth, BH8 8JA

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1. Martin Horwood

By neilrobertleonard - stayed here from 1st March 2004 to 29th January 2008

We had a pretty awful experience here. We'd always paid on time and made sure that the property was in a very good state.

The Landlord was okay until we needed to move out and then went on holiday the day we'd arranged to meet at the flat and return of our deposit. An agent turned up in his place and initially asked Martin to hold back the deposit as he believed the cooker was no longer working and there was damp in the bathroom. After we informed the agent that the damp was caused because the tenants above had a leak (the maintenance company were dealing with it) and the cooker just needed to be turned on at the wall they agreed that the deposit should be paid back. However, out landlord was largely unresponsive and we could not agree a return of the deposit, or an instalment plan.

In the end we took Martin to court, and while the judge ruled in our favour we've only received around £50 of our deposit back and none of the fees he was ordered to pay.

Unfortunately the court has no way of enforcing their decision and we are unlikely to ever receive out money back.

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