Flat 59, London, SE10 9SF

Added 18th May 2014

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1. Very small but livable

By blt345 - stayed here from 18th August 2006 to 18th August 2007

This place is so small that only bedrooms have doors and there's no space for an oven so a miro-oven is the only option which is OK but means you will never be able to cook a full, regular roast dinner!

There were also cockroaches (or similar bugs) which had managed to enter the freezer (!?) when we arrived. They were dealt with promptly. The place was OK for daily life but it was quite dark and claustrophobic and stuffy. We never had problems with the neighbours although there was an instance of someone above us chucking rubbish (by the bag) out of their window and used "sanitary products" (to be polite) hitting our open window.

The obvious MAJOR plus this place has is it's amazing location. I'd say that it's good for students for a year, just don't pay too much for the luxury of being able to stroll to TCM/Laban/Greenwich Uni! The landlords were abroad so we dealt with the management company who were fine and we never had any issues/problems with them or how we were treated.

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