27 Dermody Road, London, SE13 5HB

Added 18th May 2014

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1. Great place, bad agents

By blt345 - stayed here from 18th August 2007 to 18th August 2008

This house is amazing, with 2 small spare guest rooms on the top floor. Everything in the house was of a good condition and we didn't have many complaints. The neighbours were mixed with most being lovely and 1 man audibly beating his wife in front of his child, hopefully they've moved on and that doesn't really reflect on this amazing house.

The owners were both nice, good people and although they don't live very far, at the time, they let Ludlow Thompson "manage" the property (they did nothing apart from the initial paperwork and the closing inspection). This is a company who allowed somebody to siphon our deposits (this was just before the deposit protection scheme if I remember rightly) so the owners had to return this to us from their own pocket... Hopefully they no longer use that useless, thieving group of devil's-minions :)

The only things to look out for is that the basement room is cold and doesn't get much sun so think of that when deciding what to use it for. The garden was sweet and the parking is big enough for 2 small cars so amazing. The kitchen is again is rather dark, not helped by the dark units but it was completely functional and we had no problems.

I really enjoyed Lewisham, transport is good and the house is a short walk to many shops/banks/markets.
There was one semi-burglary. "Semi" as they were disturbed or such, and only managed to steal a few small items although all electricals had been unplugged, ready to be carted away. This was a real shame but a common problem of city life and I would happily live here again (but not if greedy estate agents/management are involved)

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