2A Fairthorn Villas, London, SE7 7RQ

Added 18th May 2014

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1. An amazing 4 years

By blt345 - stayed here from 18th September 2008 to 18th September 2012

This property is amazing and the rent was cheap/reasonable whilst we were there (£400 pcm). It'd be a crime if it wasn't a touch higher by now.

The landlady lives very nearby and went above and beyond her duty all the time in regards to being locked out, etc. She also did the gardening and any issues were dealt with promptly and efficiently. This is the very opposite of any 'cowboy landlords' and we are so so grateful and lucky to have lived there.

The location isn't too bad for transport links and it's nice and quiet and neighbours never caused any problems. The house is delightful, the rooms are fairly small but there are many of them so it was a joy.

If there was an award for best landlord/rental property at normal prices this would be a winner.

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