Flat 26, Bristol, BS2 0EU

Added 18th May 2014

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1. Nice building and grounds ,but you pay a price.

By Horsewhip - stayed here from 1st September 2012 to 14th April 2014

The building and grounds are gorgeous, unfortunately living in a building build in the 1400s does come with a few issues.

Due to the listed status, double glazing and gas can't be installed. This means you are limited to electric storage heaters.

Damp is an issue too, and the mold that grow on the window frames is quite an issue. Be prepared to scrub them lots.

How the electricity bill is calculated is a mystery, apparently there is a total bill for the entire block, this is then divided by individual usage. They bills come very irregularly, so be prepared for random surprise bills.

Also, in all my (almost) three years of living there, I was not provided with decent access to the bin stores - I had a key that didn't work and was given three codes for a lock where none of them worked reliably.

Being an old building, mice can be an issue too.

I enjoyed my time living there, the location, grounds and quirkiness of the building are great.

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