4 Foudry Close, Didcot, OX11 7TP

Added 18th May 2014

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1. Private Rental

By sbowen1986 - stayed here from 31st March 2012 to 18th December 2013

I shared this property with a colleague and while the property was in good order - the carpet had been redone and a large amount of carpet was left in the garden. This is where it stayed for at least 3 months after we moved in, despite chasing the landlady a number of times. All in all, it was a good house but the landlady was practically impossible to get hold off, had no regard for the urgency of some repairs (washing machine - which was covered under the tenancy - didn't work for 2-3 weeks before she finally sent someone out to fix it). In the end, she tried to claim some of the deposit back, through no justification which later went to the people who adjudicate such disputes) at which point it was decided that we could retain the disputed amount simply because the landlady hadn't filed all the paperwork (case and point as to how unorganised this woman was).

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