9 Kings Gate, Rayleigh, SS6 8GJ

Added 18th May 2014

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1. Never rent from Rona of Rayleigh ever again

By massimo - stayed here from 21st December 2013 to 18th May 2014

The little flat is nice in a convenient area of Rayleigh but unfortunately it belongs to a super cheap landlord and is administered by Rona of Rayleigh which it will go a mile to confirm that they are the filthiest scum of the earth.

Since the beginning I had signs of how unprofessional this male Paul (office manager of Rona of Rayleigh) was: a chronic liar that has no shame whatsoever.

Lately then I had to experience how to live without heat and hot water: the boiler was on a blink since I moved in and, even-though I warned them that it was about to go they did nothing. Finally it blew.
Needless to say that they started to find excuses to blame me for the damage first; then they tried to delay the engineer visit (probably because the cheap home-owner just purchased insurance and needed to wait for it to kick in); finally when it was safe to make an insurance claim they sent an engineer which refused to do anything since the boiler was too old and fixed too many times hence they could not guarantee their work on such appliance. However, the engineer was kind enough to tell me what the problem was and finally was addressed.

The worst of all is dealing with this Carla Dalton: the lowest life that you could ever find on earth. She has done nothing but trying to deny responsibility for Rona and Mr Parrott (the home owner) over everything that needed attention and fixing. Carla is the typical person that shows her frustration in life in everything she does: at some point I had to ask her to never call me or speak to me ever again as I couldn't stand her negative and offensive tone, her lack of respect and professionalism. She is still the same annoying and disturbing one via email unfortunately.

To top it all my neighbours are some trip: I have this cab driver that must be 200 years old that is so miserable and bored to the point that goes through people trash just to know about them. I have a camera that points out at my cars and I caught him so many times doing stuff that regular people normally are ashamed of.

I can't wait till my therm is up so that I can get another apartment far away from these rubbish people.

My suggestion is stay away from Rona or Rayleigh

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