2 Marys Place, Edinburgh, EH4 1JH

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1. Pleasant but chilly

By Kondratieff - stayed here from 1st September 2011 to 31st October 2012

Note that this is a reference to the top floor flat at this address. This is a lovely, kooky flat, with an especial bonus of the study/bunk room, well appointed and in an excellent situation. Being a little ways back from the main street, it is also reasonably quiet. On the downside, like many older Edinburgh flats with ill-fitting, warped windows, it is drafty and expensive to heat: even at full crank, a great deal of the central heating simply dissipated. The situation of the flat also meant that relatively little direct sunlight reached it, another reason that it failed to warm up. Often times, I would exit the flat of a day and notice that it was genuinely warmer outside, and this at practically any time of the year. And while not actually damp, the cool internal climate meant that moisture from clothes drying or the shower closet was slow to dry. I felt quite strongly that the agency or owner needed to invest in much improved insulation for this place, doubly so given the expense of heating in Scotland and the contribution to the greenhouse gas tote (worth noting also that rigid UK rules regarding gas appliances demand an amount of ventilation - entirely pointless and extremely wasteful in this instance!). In the end, I spent my autumn, winter and spring evenings in the smaller study, which was easiest to heat and the only room in the house that might ever aspire to 'cosiness'. I was not minded to spend a second winter in the place.
I had no other significant complaints - agency was reasonably responsive, the location is excellent (although vegetarians might get put off by the wafting scents of the butcher shop at the stair entrance...) and the flat itself is quite charming.

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